Expert Writing.
Strategic Marketing.

Turn of Phrase is a multi-faceted company specializing in professional writing, marketing and client service. The firm’s attention to detail and responsive communication reflect the kind of service you can expect with every single contact. Turn of Phrase customizes each program based on client business objectives. We know that no two companies are exactly alike, so no two marketing proposals are the same.

Collaborating with local professionals in web design, SEO, graphic design and printing, we gather the right team to match the client persona. We then help small to medium-sized businesses realize their marketing potential and rise above the cacophony of today’s media.

Before we begin any project, we take the time to learn the client’s business objectives, listen to his or her vision for the company and explore the marketplace in which the client competes. Upon this important foundation, we build a personalized marketing program that fits the client’s needs and budget. We compose key messages that will solidly brand the client’s product or business, and we expand the marketing tactics to include all facets of marketing communication. Recommendations for traditional and contemporary media are supported by data. Our goal: provide marketing expertise and cutting-edge creativity that will lead to positive results.


Informative. Engaging. Concise.

For website content that is informative, readable and to the point, call Turn of Phrase.  We compose web pages with SEO key words creatively and sensibly incorporated into the copy.  We write both succinct and distinctive copy that engages the reader from start to finish. We’ll turn your commentary into timely blog posts full of information and opinions on the industry’s latest news.

Regardless of your marketplace, you can be confident that Turn of Phrase will balance the right amount of technical information and conversation to keep your reader coming back for more.   Your website should always be evolving and changing.  With Turn of Phrase, you won’t have to worry about filling a blog page or updating your web content.  You’ll get research, ideas and cohesive writing that will keep visitors eagerly awaiting the next installment.


Snappy. Crisp. Impactful.

Scripts:  Attention-getting radio, television and internet video scripts require both an understanding of the topic and skill in conveying the message in only a few words. Careful wordsmithing and on-site editing for timing is critical. The succinct, to-the-point writing style of Turn of Phrase, combined with creativity and a sense of humor, consistently result in successful scripts. The end product is a natural reading that causes the listener to take note. Contact Turn of Phrase for expert broadcast writing needs.

Speech presentations:  Approach that podium with confidence, when your speech is written by Turn of Phrase.  A successful speech is based not only on what you say, but how you say it.  Turn of Phrase will work with you to craft a high-impact speech that uses the right language for your audience.  We will also coach you on its delivery.   We can wordsmith it to your personality, and wrap it around your strengths.  Add our presentation support visuals and you’ll captivate the audience every time.  Contact us for your speech writing needs.


Enlightening. Educational. Absorbing.

From feature articles for business and consumer magazines to expert by-lined articles for local government officials and technical representatives, Turn of Phrase takes a unique approach.   Company principal Lisa Baldino has a knack for taking a highly technical topic or controversial theme and weaving it into a cohesive, easy-to-read article. These articles are designed for clients to post on professional networking sites, company websites or in media publications. Turn of Phrase not only researches and writes them, we find a place for them where your target audience will recognize their value.

Brochures & Sales Collateral

Branding. Packaging. Presenting.

Despite the prevalence of digital materials, Turn of Phrase still believes there is a place for hard copy collateral. A high-quality brochure, sales sheet or case study in print form can complete your marketing package, presenting both a friendly and tangible reminder of your business. Turn of Phrase can recommend how these marketing tools fit into a strong marketing plan and reach target customers.


Newsworthy. Impactful. Trusted.

In today’s world of 24/7 news and thousands of media outlets, it’s a challenge to break through the clutter and be seen or heard.  Turn of Phrase can help publicize your business with attention-getting press releases, creative press kits and timely newswires that get your company noticed.  The information will be delivered the way today’s media reporters like to receive it, making it easier for them to cover your story.

Turn of Phrase works with you to understand your objectives and create a strategic media relations program.  Whether it’s a single press release or a year-long publicity campaign, Turn of Phrase can help develop the relationships necessary to put your company in the news.  In addition, you’ll feel more comfortable talking to the media after an expert media training that will keep you in control of your message.

Contact Turn of Phrase to learn how your story can shine.


Edgy. Catchy. Targeted.

Turn of Phrase is an expert in supporting your business through the written word and delivering it through contemporary media.  Contact us for specially designed e-newsletters and e-blasts that can give your business top billing with hundreds – even thousands – of potential customers.

Today’s consumers are technologically savvy and want their news and information on-the-go.  Reaching them electronically is not only effective communication, it’s also cost-effective.  Whether it’s a note about a special sale or a series of informative articles, Turn of Phrase authors it – from template to text.


Explanatory. Satisfying. Endorsed.

One of the most valuable sales tools is a third-party endorsement.   Individual case studies and stories about how customers are using your product speak volumes about your company. Most organizations have these satisfied customers who would love to tell their story about your business. You’d probably be thrilled to hear it, but no one has the time to actually get it done.   Enter Turn of Phrase. Given a single point of contact at the end user’s location, Turn of Phrase will pursue the case study, interview the customer, write the story and follow it through to a complete, approved document with photos in both digital and hard copy form that you can share anywhere.   We will highlight the third-party endorsements and the quotes about why your product or service was the best solution. In short, we’ll make you and your company a star. Contact Turn of Phrase to learn how.


Efficient. Effective. Effortless.

Cost-effective marketing is strategic.
Strategic marketing is targeted.
Target marketing works.

From local events to grass-roots marketing, if you can identify your audiences and their habits, you can reach them both cost-effectively and without waste.  Turn of Phrase helps create the “big picture” for your company with a total marketing campaign that targets your demographics.  While well-written materials are the first step in a good communications program, disseminating those materials effectively is the next step.  Turn of Phrase manages the entire program – from proposal through evaluation, including design, printing and advertising.  Instead of you trying to do your own job and the marketer’s job too, you’ll have a single point of contact who produces and executes the entire campaign for you.

Call Turn of Phrase to see how our creativity and hands-on approach can make your job easier.