“One of the best moves I have made since becoming President at Jarrettsville Federal was hiring Lisa Baldino of Turn of Phrase as our marketing consultant. She has helped us develop a strategic marketing program that includes a great marketing theme, revamping our website, improving our print ads, developing new colorful brochures and guiding us as we began doing radio and digital advertising. She is very easy to work with as she helps us in all phases of marketing making my job much easier.   Our results have been fantastic!”

“We rely on Lisa to create product application stories that are invaluable marketing tools for the professional electronics business. She conducts the interviews, writes the stories, obtains proper approvals and collects photos to create a real world study of how our products are used. Lisa does an amazing job for us and we would highly recommend her for any and all marketing services.”

Clint Hoffman, VP, Kramer Electronics Inc.

“When I have an important article to assign for I95 BUSINESS magazine, I immediately turn to Lisa Baldino. Lisa’s articles are always well written, free of errors and on deadline, which makes my job so much easier. She has the rare talent of being able to thoroughly explain the topic while also providing insight into the people behind the story.”

Gregory J. Alexander, Executive Editor, I95 BUSINESS

“Lisa has the ability to perfectly capture a client’s tone and energy – no matter what the demographic. I’m always delighted to look at her written copy and see the visuals appearing before my eyes!”

Karen Frances, Independent Television Producer, Harford Cable Network