The Search for Riveting Blog Copy

Welcome to the new Turn of Phrase website and my very first blog for myself. That’s right. At the outset of 2017, I said, “This year is going to be my year to break out of the cobbler’s daughter syndrome.” I decided it was time to practice what I preach and have a blog on my own website. After all, isn’t that what I tell clients they should do to keep their copy refreshed? Isn’t that what helps to keep people coming back and possibly, depending on what Google’s looking for this month, something that will catapult my website onto the first page of a Google search?

I’m delighted to be launching the blog with my new, updated website, designed by the extremely talented and patient graphic artists at Sequel Design. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring the site as much as I did throughout the process. I also hope you’ll be curious enough to skim my weekly blog posts for useful nuggets of marketing information and a little insight into what makes Turn of Phrase tick.

While I believe in SEO for my clients, I purposely haven’t been applying it to my own site. Why? First, I like to believe that the goal of my site is to validate my existence to potential clients whom I have met through networking or referral. I don’t want to be inundated with vendors asking about my interest in their services or requests I can’t answer in a timely fashion. Second, I’m slightly uncomfortable being the only gatekeeper of copy before it hits the world of the Internet. If I write a blog, I am the client – no approval process, no edits, no discussion of positioning. But my biggest reason for not writing my own blog: What in the world will I write every month?

You’d be amazed what the human brain can conjure up when puzzling over content. If I thought about it and put those thoughts to the forefront of my mind, I discovered I could actually come up with a list of at least 10 topics that might be valuable and credible. I kept running across various topics that will work, and on which I have an opinion. It might be the popular opinion or it might not be – that’s the scary part. It’s kind of like that column I keep saying I want to write for the church bulletin called “View from the Pew.”  I would love to convey my musings about observations you can make in church instead of focusing on the Mass – unsuitable attire, tacky altar decorations, unnecessarily lengthy homilies, misbehaving kids, etc. A column like that would state what everybody’s thinking, but nobody has the guts to say.

What really convinced me to start blogging was a colleague saying: “You want to have people who don’t agree or aren’t interested – then you know you’re doing it right. You’re hitting the people who are.”

I’m sure my blog topics won’t resonate with everyone. That’s not the goal. The goal is to offer some insight into both what I do at Turn of Phrase and what Turn of Phrase can do for you. Blog on!